Federal State Institution “Department of Federal Transport Executive Authorities’ Office Buildings”

Head: Zagubnyi Yuriy Nikolaevich

7(499) 262-54-35

105064, Moscow, 11/2 Staraya Basmannaya street, bldg.1

Federal State Institution “Logistics Department of the RF Ministry of Railways” (LDMR) was created by the RF Ministry of Railways’ regulation #996-r of 24 December, 2003 to provide logistics support to the head office of the Russian Ministry of Railways and its regional offices, including maintenance and repair of office buildings. According to the Federal Agency for Railway Transport’s executive order #31-r of 18 November, 2004, LDMR was renamed FSI DOB; following the RF Government Regulation #1753-r of 31 December, 2004 it was included in the list of Federal State Institutions controlled by the Agency.

According to the FSI DOB’s Charter approved on 16 December, 2004 by Head of the Agency, the Agency owns all property managed by the FSI DOB.


  • implement annual and quarterly plans for capital repair of buildings (premises) owned by the Agency;
  • maintain and arrange current repairs of buildings (premises) owned by the Agency;
  • contract appropriate services as may be required;
  • hold tenders for products/services required by the Agency;
  • supply the Agency’s departments and divisions with office equipment, furniture, communication equipment and other hardware and materials on the basis of their applications.