Federal Railway Transport Certification Register

Director: Gunchenko Eduard Nikolaevich

7(495) 646-27-15

129626, Moscow, 10 3rd Mytischinskaya street.


Public Institution “Federal Railway Transport Certification Register” (FRTCR) was founded by the Russian Ministry of Railways to certify railway transport facilities in accordance with the Federal Law “On the Federal Railway Transport”. The RF Government Regulation of 30 July, 2004 placed the FRTCR under supervision of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport.

The FRTCR includes 15 organisations accredited to certify products, services, quality and production management systems, environment management systems.
The FRTCR has regional offices in Yekaterinburg (Urals) and Khabarovsk (Far-Eastern).
The FRTCR’s main responsibility is to certify compliance in the railway transport sphere. In the Russian Federation there’s voluntary and compulsory certification. Voluntary certification of compliance is up to the provider; compulsory certification of compliance is implemented through compliance declarations and compulsory certification.

The FRTCR has bilateral cooperation agreements with the RF Maritime Register of Shipping, German VSB СERT railway machinery and equipment certification agency, German DQS quality systems certification society, Russian Register certification association, the non-profit organisation Certification Union. It also maintains a working relationship with All-Russian Certification Research Institute, Prioritet Certification Centre, TTCI AAR (Transportation Technology Center of The Association of American Railroads), and other agencies specialising in testing and certification of railway machinery and equipment, quality and production management systems.

The FRTCR cooperates with expert certification centres, with more than 60 testing centres (laboratories) accredited (or being in the process of accreditation) at railway transport and industrial testing organisations and manufacturers in Russia and abroad, including the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Belorussia.
The FRTCR has implemented quality management system which matches all requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008.