Central Rail Transport Museum

Director: Zakrevskaya Galina Petrovna

7(812) 315-14-76

190068, St. Petersburg, 50 Sadovaya street.


The Central Rail Transport Museum is one of the oldest technical museums in the world; it’s located in St. Petersburg.

More than 50 thousand exhibits accumulated in its collections since 1813 tell about transport science, railway machinery and equipment.

The museum’s exposition is chronologically arranged in 11 halls; going from one to another, visitors will learn all about the railway industry and its development, from the time of birth to the present day.

The museum’s collection covers all aspects and components of rail transport: locomotives and carriages, communication, automatics and control equipment, construction and wayside machines, bridges and other structures.

In addition to the original machinery, the museum’s collections include unique models of steam engines, carriages, bridges… The incredibly rich photographic collection depicts railway construction techniques used in Russia at various times; it’s a veritable chronicle of railway machinery evolution.