Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Unified Customer Group”

 Чижиков Дмитрий Геннадьевич

Chizhikov Dmitriy Gennadʹevich


7(495) 788-55-70

105082, Moscow, 18 Bolʹshaya Pochtovaya street, bldg. 5



Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Unified Customer Group” acts on the basis of its Charter approved by the Federal Agency for Railway Transport’s Order #278 of 23 August, 2007, in accordance with the RF laws and other legislation.


  • Manage and supervise construction and reconstruction of railways, buildings, engineering networks and other railway structures;
  • Act as developer contracting other companies’ services;
  • Contract construction services, feasibility studies, design, equipment installation, launching and adjustment services;
  • Monitor and supervise implementation of contracts, coordinate contractors’ work on design and construction of facilities;
  • Technical supervision of construction, including environment protection and efficient use of natural resources;
  • Finance construction of facilities out of its budget; arrange comprehensive testing of construction machinery and equipment, jointly with contractors and manufacturers.